Are You Ready to Go 10X?

Do you think you have the potential to achieve more than you are currently achieving?

Are you capable of more action and greater results in business and in life? Be honest. Is there more opportunity in the marketplace that you should be staking a claim to? No matter how successful you are at this moment, I believe the answer is yes. I also believe you and I deserve more than we are accomplishing.

Imagine for one second how much your life would change if you took your biggest goals and created a plan to achieve 10 times that goal. Not only is that possible, but I believe it is vital to your survival.

Keep it real for a moment. The USA is the richest country in the world with unlimited opportunities available to anyone who knows exactly how to get what they want. Why then, despite all this opportunity are so many people slipping from the middle class into poverty? Why are so many households seeing their incomes fall over the last 10 years while prices continue to go up? Why is it that over 75% of ALL Americans do not have enough money saved to carry them for six months?

Do you know why so many people never achieve their goals? The answer will blow you away.

Do you know why so many people have trouble staying excited everyday? It’s worth millions to know this one thing.

Did you know most people don’t know the difference between a budget and a financial plan?

The 10X Rule is now my best selling book. I get letters and videos from people all over the world telling me how applying the 10X rule has changed their lives. This book is about how to set financial goals 10 times bigger than any goal you currently have and then it explains how to create a plan to achieve that 10X goal.

You want to be a millionaire? Then lets create a plan to become worth $10,000,000. This is what you and your family deserve. And here’s the scary part… no matter what you are doing today, it is possible. All you have to do is surround yourself around the right people, the right think and take the right actions. Here’s a 10X opportunity for you.

On October 3rd I am hosting my popular 10X Seminar in Orlando, Florida. I want YOU to come as my VIP guest.

Call my office today at 310-777-0255 for your special offer and details.

Remember “you are an accumulation of the people you spend your time with and the actions you take.” 10X your actions today.

Be great!

  • Grant Cardone says:

    Thanks for your positive comments! Hope to see you at the seminar tomorrow or one day in the future.

  • Jared says:

    We’re taking 10x to the MAX to get out of the rat race and continue building an empire! Can’t wait till you come to the midwest or we can break away long enough to make a journey to see you!!

  • ellebell says:

    It’s not the what but the why. The most common mistake is in taking a pragmatic view towards achieving success. Pragmatism in itself is a self defeating practice; pragmatism only focuses on what one can achieve at a certain point in time as opposed to strategic practice that focuses on a long term vision where each days actions are geared towards reaching a specific point in the distance. Practicing strategic methods as opposed to pragmatic methods enable individuals to stay focused and excited from one day to the next due to visible gains towards the ultimate goal. To bring this full circle understanding the why will inherently define the what and create a clear path to success with clear indicators to course correct.

  • Makarand says:

    Sir, I am into Sales and Marketing. I have been following your Videos on Youtube and your Newsletter. They have shaped my thinking and my career to a new 10X level. I request you to Visit my country, India and have a Seminar arranged here. I am sure you will inspire the Middle Class; which is a Majority in India. Cheers!!

  • James A. Lee says:

    The ten times theory is, and a great place to start in terms of planning, benchmarks , and outcomes. The question as to how to keep this concept in mind is vital to maintain the effort to up ones game is open? We need more effective tools for time management and technology.. We must engage our clients in a maximum service model. Our government needs to take on a new business model for business. A new economic model to dominate global outcomes is at hand. 10x is the goal times 100. Great Idea. Thanks…

  • Sean Dennison says:

    I’m trying to work it out to go to this event Grant! Orlando is my hometown and way overdue for a visit anyway. My inspiration is that I’m looking to finish an album of original songs and accepting applications for investors who would like to help complete it. My goal is to sell 10 million units of this album which will be packed with potential singles, no filler, once done. Check out the tunes…

    I’m ready to 10X my music goals!!!

  • Mohsen Yazdandoust says:

    How long more you want to teach me ? your stories are good. but not for me! by now I have learned how to manage my life my job my money and how to earn more you call me I show you free of charge.

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