Are YOU ready for Memorial Day Weekend?

How big will this weekend be for you and your company?
As we head into the second biggest selling weekend of the year, I was wondering…do you have all the pieces in place to capitalize on your increased traffic?

A lot of businesses won’t be ready until it’s too late and will fail to capitalize on the opportunity. Because they don’t take the time to get ready, they will sell on price and give gross away. Do not let your people rely on the “sale price” to close the transaction for you.

To make the most of this weekend I want you to try these simple tips to prepare your team:

1. Sell your people on this sale. Get them excited and give everyone stiff targets and incentives for hitting them. Make sure everyone is committed to the game this weekend. Check all schedules and make sure you have 100% from everyone. If you have someone not fully on board, you might want to have them stay home. I have seen companies do more with less people just by getting rid of the lazy.

2. Get your people’s attitudes right. Attitude is worth more than anything else. Light your people up by practicing and role playing. This will show you who wants to be on board. Have them role play greeting customers with over the top enthusiasm, “Welcome and thank you for coming! Great to have you!” Sam Walton, the greatest retailer ever, started every sales meeting like this.

3. Then have your team role play agreement with customers. As I write in Sell or Be Sold, the first rule of selling is to agree. Take three minutes and role play with your people on agreeing with common requests they may hear from customers this weekend, and responding with, “I would be happy to do that,” “My pleasure,” “Right away, Sir” “I was just going to recommend the same thing.”

4. Remind the team that every buyer gets treated like a million dollar buyer this weekend. No “qualifying” people based on first impression, how they dress or their ability to buy or not buy. Everyone is a buyer and everyone should be given a proposal and the opportunity to purchase from your store this weekend. Treat every prospect like a milionaire regardless of what they are telling you and who knows, maybe they will start acting and spending like they have a million.

Management needs to touch every customer early this weekend. Even multiple managers can touch customers and practice the same things you role played with your sales team above.

Be great and kill it this weekend! Also, if you would like examples of meetings and material you can use to prepare your team, go to Cardone On-Demand, fill out the free trial and I will get you some sales meetings for the weekend.

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