Are You Getting Your Share of One Billion Dollars?

Did you know that there’s enough money circulating on this planet for every human being to have a net worth of $1 billion? One billion dollars! Are you getting your share? If you’re not, it’s because you’re thinking in terms of hard work and limits, not in terms of abundance.
Look out at the Pacific Ocean and observe the infinite energy created there. The Pacific never stops. Go out there and get as many buckets of water as you want. How many buckets can you take? If you took as many bucketfuls as you wanted, would there still be plenty of ocean? Absolutely!

Get over the idea that there’s scarcity of money because there isn’t! There’s plenty of money to go around. Millions of people on this planet have the false idea that there’s some sort of money shortage. But the truth of the matter is, there’s more than enough money to go around. If you start looking for prosperity and abundance, you’ll see that these things exist all around you.

  • John Thompson says:

    What is this networth calculation based off of? I seem to only be able to find that there is around $241 trillion dollars in the world. I want your point to be true. Just wanting to see where you got the math from…

  • Davit Gharibyan says:

    Everywhere I look there’s money. It’s been printed already, you just have to go get it from whom has your money.

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