Are You a Funnel King?

If you don’t have working funnels, your business is broke.


If you had the chance of watching Russell Brunson’s presentation at the 10X Growth Conference 2 in Vegas, you know that he is a marketing master. He sold over 3 million dollars in sales in just an hour. That’s impressive. Talk about speed and taking the time out of the equation!

Why did people act on his offer so quickly?

Because he knows how to present value and motivate a customer to buy. He shows how his service solves the problem of selling products and services online, delivers his message passionately, and has a great offer. He also demonstrates that it can work in any industry. If you’re in health, sales, cooking, relationships, finance—there’s a funnel for all of it.

Russell says that sales funnels are the key to online business and that whoever can spend the most, will win. Your goal as a business owner or entrepreneur is to instantly outspend your competition. Russell and I differ on how we view competition—I believe in dominating a market, but he still has some good points you should consider.

Outspend the competition?

How can you afford to outspend your competition? Big companies have massive budgets that most people could never compete with. If you’re just starting out, you probably don’t have a million dollar monthly budget. His answer is direct response marketing using online sales funnels. The goal is to set up your funnel so that for every $1 you put, you get out $2. If you could do that, then the amount you can spend is unlimited. But what is a funnel?

Did you say funnel?

A sales funnel uses a series of ordered web pages that guides a new customer into a buying decision. You target a group of people to a specific product that would benefit them. Some funnels are only two pages and some can be much longer. I use funnels but still rely on a team of sales professionals to close deals over the phone. That’s where Russell and I are different.

You can also build a funnel for any product or service, not just information products. Russell sells all kinds of things online from training programs, pills, and even instructions on how to build a potato gun. Funnels are a viable way to generate a new flow of income.

There are tons of people launching new businesses with nothing else but a funnel.

For me, I use funnels for supplementary income, not main income like Russell does. However you decide to use them, they are still a tool you should use to grow your business. Here’s how to do it…

 Model what works.

You shouldn’t try to be a pioneer blazing new trails. That’s how you get arrows in your back. Instead, it’s smart to find a funnel in your industry that is already working and model it. Emulate what other successful people are doing because they have arrows in their back and have learned from them. There’s no need to blaze a new trail when a path is already clear.

It just takes research to find successful funnels to model. According to Russell, a funnel is the greatest salesman because it never takes a lunch break and works around the clock. It’s a nice sounding idea that works well for Russell, but the ability to pick up the phone and close a customer is not something that I’m going to completely replace with a funnel.

Funnels vs. Salespeople

Making money in business is about serving people in the marketplace. I have a highly skilled sales team who are masters on the phone. Sales skills from real people is what drives my business. Sales funnels are a nice flow of income, but nothing beats out the power of a highly skilled salesperson and the follow-up.

Sales funnels are good for low hanging fruit but not for the monster deals that my guys go after. That requires a human touch, not an automated marketing engine.

Even so, I do agree with Russell that you should use a funnel in your business to get another flow of income going. The quickest way to earn money is with a business that pays. Funnels are a great way to add a supplementary flow so don’t overlook it.


When you model a funnel, you don’t have to get it 100% right. You just need to grab some of the market. You probably know that I believe in domination, not competition, so a piece of the market isn’t what I want—I want to dominate the whole thing. But if you’re starting, it’s an approach that works for some people.

Like I’ve said before, never walk away from a flow of income, no matter how small. A sales funnel might be just what you need to bring in some extra income.

If you’re ready to get involved with funnels, I personally use Click Funnels and would recommend them. Use my affiliate link HERE to receive the best deal you’ll find anywhere and get started making BIG money using funnels.

Be great,


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