Always Put a Smile on Your Face

I love to smile. Think about the last time a complete stranger gave you a genuine smile in passing. Didn’t it just make you feel like you had an extra spring in your step afterwards?

I have yet to find a way to say no to my daughter when she smiles at me. As soon as she looks up at me and smiles I know she’s won.

Even with my most unresponsive and completely apathetic clients, I will give them my biggest smile and eventually I know they will come around to me. Have you ever had that happen? Where someone just seems to have an infectious smile?

Smiling is primitive. It’s something our ancestors have been doing for generations. It’s such a powerful and simple thing to do to make someone else’s day better.

Give it a try! With every client you see over the next week, make sure you give them your biggest and best smile. You will immediately notice clients being more responsive to you.

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