The whole subject of money, success and even business is full of false information, bad data and advice, most of which is passed on by people who give advice on money and success, but don’t really have it for themselves!
The old saying is, “those that can do – do; and those that can’t, teach.” I think that is a little brutal but I do know many people in the ‘self-help’ field who don’t have it together in other areas of life.

When I was starting my first business, almost everyone had told me something negative and discouraging. They told me how difficult it was going to be, how much money it would take, how risky it was and how few businesses make it in the end. None of these people had ever actually started a business themselves, but they had plenty of advice for me. You see, this is data that disregards all the successful stories of people like me who started their own businesses! Much of the data passed along hasn’t been fully inspected for truth even though it’s been passed on as truth.

Beware of where you get your information. It is important to seek information just make sure where you get the information is from a person or institution that is truly creating the results that you want. You don’t want to get financial advice from someone that is rich but is about to go to prison because he has a ponzy scheme going. And you don’t want to get advice from the meditation guru that suggest seeking balance in life is the thing to do and you later discover that he spend so much time in meditation that he didn’t give any time to family and community. You get the point.

Look for someone who is living the advice they are giving. Look for someone who may not appear perfect, but someone who is using actions to create similar products that you want in your life. This is great advice because I assure you I have been fooled before in my own search to improve my life. Look deeper than just the subject you are looking at. I have also stayed away from some things because there was so much controversy around it only to later find out that what was Superior were all those with opinions that had no value.

My book, The 10X Rule, was actually an experiment in getting a TV show where I was writing to discover how much action was enough action to get someone to offer me a show.

Check it out as it is a perfect example of Walking your Talk.

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