Act Like a Madman

Never be reasonable when it comes to taking action. Be almost insane with how much action you take to get the job done. Be without sanity or logic or reason when it comes to taking massive amounts of action and you’ll reach heights that others never dreamed about. Massive action first equals new problems, but then will equal massive sales.
An associate of mine watched me call a client fifteen times in three days without the client ever returning my call. Was that too much? I don’t think so. When I want something done, I keep taking action until I get what I want. If you want appointments, call every friend you have and every past client. Stop people on the street if that’s what it takes.

A farmer should plant far more than he can possibly eat so that if a drought or famine occurs he can still take care of his family and his neighbors. A realtor who wants listings should call hundreds of people to get just one and will probably end up with many.

Be mad in how much action you take until it becomes a habit, a way of life, and normal for you. Once you are greatly successful people will talk about how successful they always knew you would be, rather than how crazy you were. In no time, you’ll be overflowing with appointments, sales, and success.

Act like a madman when it comes to action and get completely unreasonable!

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