Accountability Matters to Your Bank Account!

19. Great salespeople don’t need others to hold them accountable, they hold themselves accountable.

Great sales people are always taking responsibility for their actions and their resulting outcomes. I have met thousands of salespeople who tell me that reason they aren’t closing is because their customers just aren’t buying, or that management isn’t investing enough in generating traffic. The first thing you must do is get away from blaming others. If you blame others, then you are always at the mercy of others. The reason customers aren’t buying is because you don’t know how to close them. If management isn’t generating traffic, then it is up to you to do so.

Always take control of what is going on and be accountable to yourself for your results. When you do so, you stop being the victim and you start being a player.

20. They are constantly in think, plan and prepare mode in order to continue to build their client base and keep their pipelines full.

Great salespeople never stop. They are always finding new ways to reach customers. Have you ever heard those stories of a guy who invents something great, earns himself a million dollars, and then loses it all? That guy stopped selling. If you get complacent then eventually the other guy, who is pushing himself will be the one closing your customers.

Great sales people never stop. They push and push and constantly find new ways to reach out to people that they’ve already sold to and to those that they will eventually sell to.

21. Great salespeople protect and guard their client base like a good parent would their children.

It’s not enough to just make a sale. A great sales person knows that their job only begins once the money has changed hands. Service and delivery of the product must be overseen and handled with just as much care for the customer as a parent would take to ensure their child was safe and sound. You wouldn’t send your child off to daycare or school or leave them in someone else’s hands without being very certain you checked in on them and all was well. It doesn’t matter if it’s “after hours” or the weekend, a vacation day, a holiday or their favorite TV show is on, a great salesperson responds and sees to his or her client’s needs, just like having to get up for those midnight feedings.

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