A Super Life Can Be Yours in 2018

Admit it, you want a super life, right? Who doesn’t? We all want it all, to have our cake and eat it too. There’s nothing wrong with wanting it all, by the way. I personally came from nothing—I had a humble start, no silver spoons, no blue blood, and no handouts. All I had was my ambition, my drive, my determination and I had a seed planted when I was a kid, that little seed, deep inside of me called 10X, which has been watering my life and making it bloom today into what you might call a super life—or “having it all”.

First, let me explain what I mean by “10X”.

The 10X Rule is a book I wrote 6 years ago and it’s something that has been changing thousands of lives, but since I wrote the book, a lot of things have changed.  Six years of 10X-ing can change quite a bit and it has for me, and it has for most of the people that picked up the book or listened to the audio program.

Even if you read The 10X Rule only 6 months ago, your life has probably been changed drastically.  If you haven’t had an opportunity yet to get through the book or get through the audio program, then buckle up because you’re going for a ride when you do. Whether you’re a single mom with two kids or whether you’re a guy coming back from Afghanistan starting over, or whether you’re 53-years old redefining where your career is, I want to help you find your super life. I’ve helped people in every one of these situations, and people from all walks of life are moving toward their Super Life.

When I originally wrote The 10X Rule, I was trying to actually 10X my own life.

I thought to myself, what would it take for me to really get big? My wife actually asked me what would it take for us to, like, explode. I told her I have to think bigger and have to act bigger. And then I started thinking immediately—the first thing, “Oh no, I’ve got to spend money”. I didn’t want to spend money but I knew I couldn’t get to the next place if I wanted to hold on to what I had.

The first thing I needed to do was map out how I was going to do this, so I wrote The 10X Rule.  Then for the next three and a half years, I started working out how to 10X each area of my life, not one area, not just the business, not just the money, not just the wealth, not just family time, not just recreation. In fact, that probably did not get enough attention in the early stages. I looked up less than four years later and somebody said, “Man, how’s your life?” I said, “Dude, I’m into Super Life right now, bro.” Magical things started happening.

So these are strategies and things that I’ve actually done, I’m speaking to you today from my own experience.

The 10X Rule was written for me to start figuring out how I could explode my life, and my life was already pretty good, but it wasn’t good enough.  You’re stuck in this hamster thing, running around over and over it— the rat race! You’re not a rat. Who reduced you to thinking you’re just a rat? You’re not a rat, but are you in a race? Probably in a marathon.

Nobody’s turning my life into a rat race, nobody’s turning my super possibilities into middle-class possibilities. Nobody’s turning into what could be awesome and great and exceptional into something like average and satisfactory.  People are settling. People are settling for a reality and it’s hitting every area of their life.

Here’s 10X Defined now—the right think combined with the right amount of actions across all of life’s interests.

That was not in the book originally so I’m adding to the book right now. I did not know this in 2011, back then I thought, “Oh let’s just go for success which means money, finance, and wealth.” Wrong. And the reason why it’s wrong and the reason why I was wrong is because if you try to achieve in only one or two areas of your life while five others fall, those five will draw down the two that you’re winning at…always and every time. You cannot be successful in two areas and have four, five, or six areas where you’re average.

Think about it, if you have millions of dollars but failing health, what good is it?  If you have marital problems, it’s going to affect your recreational life.  If you hate your work, it’s going to bring down other areas of your life.  These things are all interconnected.  One area of life that you aren’t excelling at is eventually going to drag down the areas you are excelling at.  That’s why you need the Super Life—to be great in every compartment of your life.

Why don’t you have a Super Life? You should have one.  I will give you a short list, it’s only five things, only five reasons you don’t have what you want to have—”the why of why not“.


  1. You’ve Got to Blame Somebody—Your role models such as friends, relatives, neighbors, older brothers, younger brothers, mom, dad, uncle, aunt are all wrong. You can’t win at life if you get advice from someone who doesn’t even know what they are talking about. Ever hear someone who makes less than 100K say that money doesn’t bring happiness?  They wouldn’t know because they can’t speak from experience.  Wrong role model.
  1. Wrong Definitions—You don’t even know the definitions of success. Well, it’s survival. We’re going to look at a basic word that literally changed my entire life, the word survival altered my life, changed everything about how I spend and invest money. Literally, one word in a dictionary when I looked it up, I’m like, “I’ve been doing it wrong for the thirty-five years that I’ve been in business.” Definitions are the reason most businesses stay small.
  1. Wrong Targets—I didn’t have the right targets. I wanted to be a millionaire. It turns out that the Millionaire is the new middle-class. That was a wrong target. I should have set a target for a billion dollars. Your targets are too limited, too small.
  1. Education—The more you’re educated the worse off you are. That’s why you see all these guys hitting it big because they’re not confined with this think. Listen to a guy talk about a start-up. “We’re in the start-up phase.” Where did they learn that phrase? If you started a motorcycle the way you started a company, you’d still be sitting on it about three months, three years after you started. What are you doing on that bike? “I’m in a startup.” Yeah, how about we put it in drive now?
  1. A Lack—You simply just don’t have enough revenue, enough paper.


Take these 5 reasons to heart, because they are stopping you from having your Super Life.

Run for your freedom, run for super, because too many people are settling for their reality rather than working for their potential. When I wrote The 10X Rule, I did not know.  If I wrote The 10X Rule again today, it’d be a very different book.  If you find yourself criticizing me for talking about a “super” life, before you do that, you might want to pay attention to what you could be doing. Not having enough income is one of the most common reasons people aren’t living a super life.

That’s why I’m encouraging everyone who is seeking a SUPER LIFE to come to 10XGrowthCon 2018. Join me for the biggest entrepreneurial event of all-time.

Be great in 2018,



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