A Better Sales Process

The best sales processes are shorter rather than longer.

Ideally, the sales person is sensitive to the client’s time, willing to spend as much time as necessary but never interested in wasting time. the buyer would be able to get in and out as quickly as necessary or spend as much time as needed to get comfortable enough to make a decision. Whether the buyer is coming to you or you are going to him, regardless of whether it is a very complex sale or a very simple one, no matter the price or the terms, there are some things you must do and some you cannot avoid.

To determine if your current selling process could be problematic for your clients, ask these three questions:

  1. Do you experience lower-than-average profits per transaction?
  2. Is the length of time to contract the source of customer complaints?
  3. Are you getting customers resisting your process?

Organizations are always looking for new salespeople, but what they should look at first is a new, shorter, more customer-friendly, matter-of-fact, information-focused, twenty-first-century sales process.

While I go more in depth in my book Sell or Be Sold and also walk you through each step in my Cardone On-Demand online sales training program, the whole process needs to be focused about genuinely finding out what you can do to help the customer solve their problems. When you do that, the customer is willing to pay you more and still walk away satisfied.

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