61 is the New 51

61 is the new 51. I just turned 61 years old.

Here’s what America looked like back in 1958 when I was born:

  • The average cost of a new house: $12,750
  • Average monthly rent: $92
  • Average yearly wage: $4,600
  • The world population was 2.9 billion
  • NASA was created that year.
  • American Express and the Hula Hoop were first introduced.
  • Toyota made its first sales in the US.
  • The first Trans-Atlantic passenger jetliner service began with flights between New York and London.
  • The microchip and super glue were invented.
  • The New York Yankees were World Series champions and the Baltimore Colts were the NFL champions (this was even before the first Super Bowl).
  • Hawaii and Alaska were not yet even states.

A lot has changed, right?!

Here’s one of the most famous quotes of 1958:

What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog. “- President Dwight D. Eisenhower

I think that quote sums me up pretty well.

I stand 5’8, and my wife Elena initially rejected me because of my size—she expected her future spouse to be a guy standing 6’1.

She underestimated the fight I have inside me.

61 is the New 51

If you have fight in you—and I’m talking here about drive and ambition, you can do more than you could imagine in this life.

Ambition (n.) – A strong desire to do or achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work; desire for exertion or activity; an excessive desire for honor, power or wealth.

Notice it says, “typically requiring determination and hard work.”

Pay close attention to the derivation or origin of the word. Keep in mind this was over 1000 years ago; a time when you didn’t have to apologize or sugar coat everything you said.

Back then, ambition meant an excessive desire for honor, power or wealth. Can you imagine going around today saying, “I have an excessive demand for honor, power and wealth?”

Well, that’s exactly what I am suggesting you do.

61 is the New 51

A lot of people are acting like ambition is just having and showing desire; then they show up for work and hope things are going to just turn out right.

That’s dreaming, not ambition.

You need skills with your ambition.

When do you need ambition? All the time. The cost of not having a sense of motivation or ambition is insane.

Once you are in an ambitious mindset, you must protect it. Do you know how?

Do you know how to handle people who aren’t committed to having great lives, the ‘not so’ ambitious? If you run a team, a company or a household, you better figure this out.

Since the word ambition was first used in the 10th century, those who best lived the word were most successful.

As society has become softer, more entitled and civilized, men and women start to justify being less ambitious.

People who have given up on their own dreams and goals and are now settling.

So, I want to remind you today, no matter how old you are, keep your ambition and drive.

If 61 is the new 51, that means…

  • 51 is the new 41…
  • 41 is the new 31…
  • And 31 is the new 21.

Time flies, but you still have more time to make your life massively successful no matter what your current age is!

The world is a lot different than it was in 1958, but it’s also much the same.

The business principles I teach inside Cardone University are timeless.

I intend to be better 10 years from now than I am today. Do you?!

Be Great,


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  • Doriano Carta

    Grant you’ve got more energy than even most 21 year olds!
    What is your secret?
    It’s not just hustling either.
    So many work hard or play hard but very few do both like you do.
    Maybe that’s the key?
    Balance but always to the max?
    You’re an inspiration brother.

    Your pal Paisano
    p.s. Can’t wait to launch our virtual sales and virtual real estate venture soon!

  • Donna Jean Klinglesmith

    Thank you for reminding me how watered down society & “meanings” have become. Everyone seems to want everything now without doing anything for it. My desires ARE excessive compared to those I encounter almost daily! It’s ok to be a freak in this area, you continue to inspire, Uncle G! 🎹💃🔥❤️

  • john Bingham

    Awesome Grant. I am now 41. Thanks for all your great inspirations. I only joined the GC family 6 months ago. You made me feel that I was not the crazy one. The obsessed strange person that always wanted more. I listened to 10 X audio first and then Be Obsessed or be average and I knew I was hanging with the right person. Never stop Grant. You are the future.

  • Ken Mack

    Hey brother, what’s your secret sauce to looking 20 years younger? Happy Birthday GC you are a true hero ❤️

  • Gezim

    Happy Birthday Grant. You are a true inspiration to the man and woman of all ages!
    I was in Miami 10X last month and it was like taking a ‘Go and Do It Now’ injection!
    I turned 55 in January this year, and this was a year I planed to be financially free – since I first came to London in 1989 with no money and not a word of English.
    …I didn’t taste that financial freedom ‘cake’ yet, but – man, I’m going to get there soon!

    When I flew from London to Miami to attend 10X conference, I was said that I could’t afford to take my kids with me (15, 17 and 19) who so badly wanted to be there and feed they hunger for entrepreneurial knowledge. But I promised myself that next year’s 10X I’ll make sure that they be there on the front seats!

    My kids all quit school to full fill the entrepreneurial dream of owning a social media digital agency for green, organic and eco friendly companies – which I’m helping to launch in the next 3 months. And thanks to teachings they embrace from Gardone University their success should be guaranteed!

    So, thank you Grant!

    Jimmy (Gezim) Dancja

  • Virginia Murillo

    Hi mr cardone.
    Happy birthday.
    Omg you an huge inspiration. I jus been following you a little over a month.
    Where I having been.

  • Eric Rhoads

    As a kid I can remember thinking someone in their 60’s was old. Heck someone 30 was old then. But suddenly when you hit over 50 you start seeing some people treating you differently, and once your hair goes gray, some treat you a lot different. As one who is now over 60 I can saw I have as much energy and desire, maybe more, and am looking towards the next 40+ years of working daily without retirement (which is for the birds). With tech changes, that 40 might be a lot longer. We’re already seeing 100 to be the norm, soon it will be 110 and so on.

    I will tell you that you have to manage your mindset. You cannot ever use the “getting old” words. Aging isn’t the same as getting old. I know 50 year olds who are moving into senior living facilities and expecting to wind down. And I know people who are in their 90s who are starting new businesses and not slowing down. That’s what I want to be.

    Attitude and mindset drive everything else. When “old people” get sick they accept it, when “aging” people get sick they work like crazy to solve it. They never give up.
    A good lesson for us all. Happy Birthday Grant.

  • Jim Danner

    Happy Birthday, Grant!!!

  • Ольга

    Вас знают и уважают во всем мире! Вы яркий пример, что человек может намного больше, чем думает о себе, что если кто-то смог – значит сможешь и ты! на таких, как вы держится наша цивилизация.

  • The hungry Guy

    Uncle G ,
    I’ts a pleasure to read your blogs , i joined 10X last May hoping it’ll move me forward a bit , but i would not even dare to think than , where i gonna be in just 8 months .
    Now , when i think where i will be in 5 or 10 years ……at least 100X.
    Wherever i’ll be , i’ll always remember You , and i’ll always own you . My most important goal at the moment , is to shake Your hand and just say simple Thank You .
    Let the 10X force be always with You .
    Wish you the best .
    Be Great ,.

  • Susan

    Ambition – Drive – Focus – Dedication. Thanks for this GC!

  • Barnabas Valyogos

    I wish you a very happy birthday, Grant. I have been following you and your advices for a while now. I have started studying your ‘7 figure sales certification’ program in last August. Now I feel it’s high time to turn all the knowledge I have got from this training of yours into practice. I start my own business. Thank you very much for all the inspiration! I am really thankful. Have a very happy birthday, Grant. All the best! Barnabas

  • Ally

    Grant! You are the TUBRO BOOST for so many lives. Your books, your audios, programs, podcasts, the youtube video – everything is MASSIVE value. THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE!

  • Johnathan Weberg

    Age only represents years spent on this earth. There’s such a stigma surrounding the youngest and oldest generations, simply based on their age. Even while, there are plenty of people within them, that defy their entire generations “idea” .
    One such as yourself. Very little, to no people at the age of 61, or even 51, workout any more. Many have given up, Most have no energy. The same with the younger area as well, 18-20’s. What defines us, is the character inside, and how we bring it outside. Awesome, Uncle GC!

  • Ken

    I love you Grant you always have grear ideas to open our minds.

  • King Josh

    GC, the fight in you is massive. I am inspired! Thanks for your positive push

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