5 Ways to Kickstart Your Success

I hope you’re crushing it this week and kicking off the last quarter of the year strong. I want you to know I wasn’t always successful and because I never trusted my talents, my looks, my luck, and had no connections, I studied what successful people did and tried to mimic them. Then I studied what unsuccessful people did and tried to avoid it. While there are many things that seem to differentiate those who are successful from those who are not I have noticed one distinct difference that stands out the most: successful people are more willing. What exactly are they more willing to do? Here are five key ways the successful differentiate themselves: 1. The willingness to fail. The old saying, “No risk, no reward,” is a lifestyle for those who are successful. These people go for it, almost with a willingness to fail. Of course, they aren’t interested in failing, but know if they aren’t in a position to fail they aren’t in a position to win. At some point in life you will have to go for it or you will live the rest of your life regretting what you didn’t risk and the rewards you never had the opportunity to get. Unsuccessful people always play it safe. They don’t speak up or offer ideas because they operate from a place of fear and uncertainty. They’re afraid to take risk and fail because they are concerned with the judgment of others. They do the minimum and try to fly under the radar. Never be afraid of failure because behind every mistake is an opportunity to learn what not to do in the future. 2. See excuses as opportunities. Successful people know that no matter how many excuses are made it will not change the outcome. Even justified excuses will not make a project, person, or situation turn out successfully. When things go wrong, the successful person sees it as an opportunity, not an impossible wall that cannot be overcome. Unsuccessful people spend a lot of time, energy and effort making excuses. They blame the economy, the customer, prices, competition, or anything else other than themselves. Even if the “excuses” are true or factual, it won’t improve the outcome. No matter how justified you are, never make an excuse for any outcome—ever. 3. Exercise incredible drive. The most successful people I know are driven on an almost unbelievable level. They push and shove until the job is done and the targets are hit—and then they go at it all again. They are able to stay focused on getting results. They keep going forward and doing the hard things, even long after others have fallen into complacency and are only doing what is comfortable. Unsuccessful people appear to spend a lot of time considering emotions that cause them to slow down, settle, or even stop. Then they rationalize how those feelings and emotions should be resolved and satisfied. What they don’t seem to understand is the mechanism of drive is a muscle that must be developed by practicing massive motivation and actions that do not conform to society’s definitions of success. If you want to get more drive for success in your small business, I’m hosting a LIVE webcast with Hall of Fame Quarterback Fran Tarkenton. Sign up for the first chapter of Fran Tarkenton’s bestselling book The Power of Failure and his 7 Business Maxims for free here. Kick start your small business with Grant Cardone & Fran Tarkenton 4. Daily focus on goals. Successful people are always focused on success. Let me say that again: Successful people are ALWAYS focused on success—there is no other option, and you must be focused on this every single day. For instance, the first thing I do every morning is to write down my goals. This seems simple, but I challenge you to write down your goals, every single day, for one month. In my experience if I stay focused on what I want I will achieve my goal, no matter how absurd it is. Less successful, less focused, people seem to allow anything and everything to drift into their environments. They aren’t controlling what they focus on and it keeps them from reaching any goal since they are only putting in a little effort on many different goals or none at all. The average American consumes four hours of television and Internet content every day and writes their goals down once a year—ever hear of a “New Year’s Resolution”? Every day presents an opportunity to set and reach goals, regardless of how large or small they are. 5. Focus on prosperity, not ‘work’. Those who are more successful go to ‘work’ to get something accomplished each and ever day. They get things accomplished to make their dreams a reality, not just get their 8-hour workday clocked in. They have a drive—even a greediness or selfishness—to get something done. There are millions of people who go to work every day in America, yet few put themselves in a position or mindset to prosper. Unsuccessful people approach their work or job with a more limiting mindset. They often refer to work in a negative way, as if it is a roadblock to their true potential and dreams—much like the problem with excuses in #2. For example, they’ll call their job ‘the daily grind’ or ‘my life as a drone for The Man.’ They typically complain or make excuses rather than looking at work as a means to an end, a way to create a life of abundance. Work—the passion for it, the creation of it, the drive to excel, to contribute and learn from others—is what leads to goals being met and dreams becoming a reality. You must be willing to do these 5 things and you will soon see how things change for the better in your business and personal life. Doing what others refuse to do will give you the edge you need to find the success you want. None of these are superhuman qualities that are unattainable for anyone. Everyone on this planet willing to commit to greatness and living a life of success can do so. Commit today and use these 5 ways to kickstart your success. Commit to kickstarting your life and your business and make sure to sign up for my upcoming live webinar with Fran Tarkenton today.   Be great,   GC

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