5 Reasons People Don’t Buy From You


Look, if you aren’t making the kind of sales you know you can, listen up. The fact is, many people in sales and business don’t understand their buyers. Understanding your buyer is what separates you from millions of dollars. Think about this—how can a person make a sale without understanding the customer? There are many reasons why people don’t buy, and I want to give you 5 of them today.

People aren’t buying from you because:

1. Personal Issue

Since you’ve done your presentation personal issues have arisen in your customer’s life. Kids, marriage, legal problems—who knows what’s going on? If their kid went off to a treatment center, that’s probably going to delay the buying process. He does not have attention on your product, service, or company and what you’re offering because his kid is going to a treatment facility. Or maybe he’s got big problems going on within the company that you don’t know about. Personal issues that are overwhelming him now that have nothing to do with your product or service. That’s why follow-up is so important. You need time. You need to schedule follow-up because personal issues get in the way. You are excited about making a sale but then a personal issue pops up that neither of you planned on and it puts the deal off.

2. Budget Constraints

How many times have you heard, “We don’t have the money—we’re out of budget for the quarter, see me in 6 months”? What does a budget even mean? The US government doesn’t know, your family probably doesn’t, and every company that says they don’t have the budget for something—well, when the problem is big enough they will find the money. Budget constraints mean you are not doing a good enough job of finding out the real problem within the company. Trust me, while that company has a budget constraint, they are spending money on something. You need to find out the big problem and the budget constraint will disappear.

3. Lost a Deal to Competition

You’ve followed up a customer, literally doing what nobody else does, and you still can’t get this deal done. You lost the deal to competition. They can’t tell you. They bought from someone else and because your follow-up has been so diligent, so incredible, so professional, so wonderful, they don’t know how to tell you they bought from someone else. The more they don’t tell you this, the more they don’t respond to your follow-up. You just have to ask them, “Did you go with somebody else?” or “Have you elected to buy from someone else?” Just ask and find out. Take yourself out of mystery. Just remember it won’t be the last product or service this customer buys. Keep it professional and positive. Sell them the next time.

4. Instability Within

When you are following up on an organization that has instability within and in-house fighting, it will delay you. You have people not getting along and there is too much uncertainty for them to make a decision. There are too many people and no leaders. Just hang in there. Hopefully, it will resolve—if not they will likely go out of business. Continue to be consistent and stable. Let them be unstable and you be the stable, sane person and you can weather the storm and be there for the sale.

5. Poor Previous Decisions

These people have made so many bad decisions in the past, they can’t make one with you. It’s like the girl who was in a bad relationship and doesn’t want another boyfriend. They don’t want to make a decision anymore that may even be good for them. Call them out on this and sit down with them on a personal visit—not text, not emails, not phone calls. Sit down after you delivered some cookies, some gimmick, a lottery ticket, or a free offer and just simply ask: “Has the company made poor decisions in the past?” Get them to talk about it first and then they’ll be able to make a new decision with you. It will flush out the fact that you are dealing with a person that can’t make a decision with you because they can’t differentiate you from previous poor decisions. Differentiate yourself.

These are just 5 reasons why people aren’t buying your product or service. Understanding your buyer is vital if you want to become great in sales and business. Knowing why your clients aren’t buying is what separates those with average incomes from the millionaires. If you want to get rich, sell more.

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Be great,

Grant Cardone

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