4th Degree of Action = MASSIVE ACTION

What does it mean to take “massive action?”
When you are taking massive action, you aren’t thinking of terms of how many hours you work.

I go over this in detail in my book, The 10X Rule. There are four degrees of action and everyone is taking one of them at all times whether you realize it or not.

  1. Do Nothing
  2. Retreat
  3. Normal levels of Action
  4. Massive Action

When you start operating at the fourth degree of action, your mind-set will shift and so will your results. You will end up instigating opportunities that you will have to address earlier, later, and in a different way than you would on a “normal” day, so a routine day will become a thing of the past.

I continued this commitment to massive action until one day it was no longer an unusual activity but a habit for me. It was interesting to see how many people would ask me, “Why are you still out this late?” “What are you doing calling on a Saturday?” “You never quit, do you?” “ I wish my people worked like this.” And even—“What are you on?”

Truth be told, I was on something; I was treating success as my duty, obligation, and responsibility, and massive action was my ace in the hole. This level of action will be considered by some to be borderline insane, well beyond the agreed-upon social norm—and will always create new problems. But remember: If you don’t create new problems, then you’re not taking enough action.

Signals that you’re taking massive action are having people comment upon and admire your level of activity.

Get out there and take some MASSIVE ACTION today!

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