24 Hours in Grant Cardone’s Social Media

It’s 6 am, and Grant pops up ready to hit the day.

Experience 24 hours in Grant Cardone’s social media. He usually beats the sun up, but on this particular fall morning, the early rays of the sun were already glistening over the Atlantic as Grant walked to the kitchen while checking his emails.

The day prior was another 6-figure day—ho-hum, just another Tuesday for a man with a 1.4 Billion Real Estate empire.

He makes his first tweet:

24 Hours in Grant Cardone’s Social Media

Grant had just returned from a round-the-world trip that included Japan, Australia, and Fiji before visiting Logan Paul, one of the top YouTubers in the world with nearly 20 million subscribers.

When Grant told him during the interview that he chased after his wife Elena for 13 months before getting a first date, Logan was floored:

It was one of dozens of YouTube and podcast interviews Grant did on the road, living like a vagabond but staying in $15,000 a night penthouses, commanding his pilot to fire up his private Gulfstream 550 jet at will, and booking sold-out auditoriums to speak on stages in front of thousands of screaming fans from Singapore to Sydney.

On this early October morning, Grant begins his daily workout while most of America is still in bed. He’s been hitting the gym hard this year and frequently posts Instagram posts while in the gym.

Here’s a recent post on the last leg of his round-the-world trip:

24 Hours in Grant Cardone’s Social Media

At 61, many people across Grant’s massive following are surprised when they learn his age, believing him to be at least a decade younger.

But age doesn’t matter to Grant—or “Uncle G” as his fans affectionately call him—because it’s not about how old or young you are, it’s about your attitude in life and what you can give to bring value to others that really matters.

After his workout, Grant does a quick Snapchat video, encouraging his younger fans on that platform to never think that they are too young to succeed big and that they don’t need to go to college just because society tells them that a University degree is the only way to win in life…because it’s NOT.

After breakfast and some one-on-one time with his two daughters, Grant takes his Rolls Royce to the office—the first time he’s been back to 10X Headquarters since he departed Miami over 2 months prior.

While in the office that morning, Grant works with a flurry of activity that would rival in CEO in the world.

  • Phone calls to current Cardone University clients
  • Cold calling for potential real estate deals
  • Coming up with a new angle to an old deal, and coming up with a new deal to promote.
  • Writing an email to “hit the list” as he terms it.
  • Meeting with his executive team to make a few important decisions moving forward.

And it’s not even lunch yet—but UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal is in the building. Just a few short months ago, he won the fastest knockout in UFC history with a flying knee to the head. Now, Grant talks Jorge into training him.

Grant is no stranger to hand-to-hand combat, having a scar over his eyebrow from a situation that nearly killed him when he was 23 and still in the drug scene.

Nowadays, even his wife is taking Thai kickboxing lessons:

In addition to working out like a maniac and beginning training with a top UFC fighter, Grant takes full advantage of his Second Amendment right by packing the heat with a concealed carry (custom-made of course):

But social media for Grant is more about the First Amendment—freedom of speech.

Uncle G says what he wants to say when he wants to say it—and he’ll tell the whole world about it. Love him or hate him, at least you know him.

On this particular October morning, Grant took to Facebook in the early afternoon to post this gem:

“I will never apologize for wanting to get my financials stable, secure, even indestructible.”

Freedom is a big theme that resonates across all of Grant’s social channels.  It’s not just about freedom of speech though, it’s about financial freedom—and how YOU can attain it.

With 21 business programs, Grant has more than enough material for the aspiring salesperson, marketer, and entrepreneur to consume and benefit from.

Knowing this, at about 3:00 pm Grant tells his COO Sheri Hamilton to do a video showcasing the company’s brand new warehouse where his products are being shipped from:

Leaving the office, Grant hops back in his $400,000 car (which he pays for with 100% passive income) and goes back to the top of the Regalia, a luxury high-rise set on the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean—a beach residence that rivals even the best mansions on South Beach 5 miles down the road.

The building features balconies that wrap 360 degrees around with stunning views:

Back at home, Grant won’t be overlooking the beach for long—he’s about to hit the road again for an event out in California.

But on this afternoon, he’s posting on social about a real estate event in Miami where he’s connecting with Ben Carson. (tickets can be found here)

After some time with his wife, another client phone call, and a healthy dinner, the sun breaks over the Florida sky and another day is done—and here are Grant’s numbers:

  • Over 22,000 new Instagram followers added for the day, bringing him to well over 2.4 million followers.
  • Over 800 new YouTube subscribers added for the day, bringing him to over 1.2 million followers.
  • Over 1,200 new Facebook fans added for the day, bringing him to over 6.1 million followers.
  • Over 46,000 downloads for the day on his hit podcast The Cardone Zone, which is one of the fastest growing business podcasts on iTunes.

None of this even mentions his activity on Steemit, the blockchain social platform Grant has been experimenting with.

It’s just another 24 hours with Grant Cardone and his social media!

And if you want to start growing your audience like Grant has, follow him and learn from him. What Grant does works—but don’t copy HIM, be you!

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—Team Cardone

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