FINALLY Escape the Credit Card Trap

Many hardworking people are caught in the credit card trap — with more and more falling into it every day. But, there is a way out. You just have to get wise to their games. By the end of this [...]

Top Stars Like Taylor Swift Creating ‘Concert Economies’

Chart-topper, Taylor Swift, is on track to earn $1 billion from her “Eras” tour. And,  Beyonce’s “Renaissance” is hot on its heels. But the musicians aren’t the only ones making money from these [...]

$10 Million Business Transformation Strategies

In our current economic climate, companies of all sizes are struggling. So, what’s the difference between the ones that survive and those that fail? Multiple flows and tools to feed their growth. [...]

Why NOT to Use ‘Greenwashing’ in Marketing

Protecting our planet has become more important to consumers than ever before. But, using“greenwashing” in marketing can harm your business in more ways than one. Let’s look at this trend and why [...]

Making the Hard Sell

Salespeople have one of two reactions when the deal gets tough. They either get intimidated, then lose the deal. Or, they persist and insist until they close the customer. To make it in sales, [...]

Why Coach Prime is 10X

Right now, the University of Colorado football team is undefeated. And it’s all because of their new head coach — Deion Sanders, better known as “Coach Prime.” His moves on and off the field are [...]

How to Assess and Improve Your Life ‘Rank’

I’m here to tell you being unsatisfied with your “rank” in life is normal. It’s okay to feel like, “This is not where I want to be.” The make-break point is whether you do something about it or [...]

Kevin Hart’s Tequila Partners with Philadelphia Eagles

Comedian, Kevin Hart, has reached a new milestone with his tequila brand Gran Coramino. The “Fatherhood” star has struck a sponsorship deal with NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles. In this [...]

Should You Make a ‘Bucket List’?

One of the fundamentals of my formula for success is mindset. Your perspective, roadmap, and destination must be locked in. Otherwise, you can’t achieve any target. Here’s what I think about [...]

Musk to Take Away X ‘BLOCK’ Feature

August 18, 2023, Elon Musk, CEO of X, hinted at a major change for the platform formerly known as Twitter — the removal of the “block” feature. The reaction of social media users was immediate [...]

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