Talking Business Partnership with Mike Tyson

What does boxer Mike Tyson think about business partnerships? The GOAT, Mike Tyson, visited me at my offices in Miami and we talked about some big business . Post in comments what you think we [...]

How I Manifested Being a BILLIONAIRE

Want to know how I manifested being a billionaire? I just reverse-engineered it. I had to determine… First, who do I need to be around? Then, how do I get my money working for me? How do I set up [...]

10 Tips for Managing Remote Employees

Today, there is a challenge that every business owner must face — how to oversee out-of-office staff. Whether you are a new or veteran entrepreneur, this looks difficult to navigate. But it [...]

How to Preserve Capital AND CASHFLOW

How do I PRESERVE CAPITAL and get CASH FLOW? More importantly, want to learn how to preserve more capital and get cash flow while you do it? In this video, I share some of the strategies I use to [...]

How I Get FIRED UP to Change the World

Every day, I get up, then fired up to change the world. Helping thousands of business owners maximize their potential every day is hard work, so how do I do it? In this video, I break down my [...]

I Was SCARED to Rely on A Man

Full disclosure, I used to be scared to rely on a man… Grant and I started to date 20 years ago. I had a very tough wall up. On top of that, I wasn’t going to let any guy in. I thought I needed [...]

How to Get Your Life Together

Everyone goes through ups and downs. So, it is natural that at certain points we wonder, “How am I going to get my life together?”  THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT YOU DON’T STAY LOST.  Even though [...]

Paid vs. Organic Search — What to Know

If you are a business owner today, digital marketing is NON-NEGOTIABLE. But, should you drop serious cash for top search rankings? In this article, we are going to present both sides of the paid [...]

Dream BIGGER, Then Do MORE

DREAM BIGGER then DO MORE! The bigger I can think, the more action I need to take. You have to not only follow your dreams…. But you also need to follow through with them. Be Great, Grant Cardone [...]

THE Turning Point for Me and Grant

When did it all change? What was the biggest turning point in Grant and my journey together? In this video, I talk about the promise that Grant made and kept. And how I knew it was time to go all [...]

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