Know Your Role

Elena Cardone talks about how important it is to know your role in your empire. Who are the other people in your empire? Who is NOT in the empire? How do you interact with the people in your [...]

How to Find Your Fuel

If you feel you’ve lost motivation, watch this video to find your fuel again. Join us for the next 10X360 to connect with other forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are coming together to learn the [...]

It Takes a Team to Be Successful

It is impossible to Build an Empire alone. To become successful in all life areas, approach growth with a team mindset. Elena talks about how her upbringing of being a strong and independent [...]


This is the secret to my success. Every day for the last 30 years I have done this one thing, which has gotten me to where I am today. I show up. Showing up doesn’t just mean to be there on time, [...]

How to Prepare Your Business for Expansion

In this episode, I discuss how to prepare your business for expansion with Belief, Inspiration, Discipline, Alignment, Transparency, and Accountability. Join me at an upcoming 10X360 Event where [...]

Flipping Houses vs. Apartment Investing: What’s the Secret to Real Estate Success?

What would you do if you had a bunch of money to invest right now? Would you use the funds for flipping houses — or investing in an apartment complex? Many people think that flipping houses pays [...]

The X-Factor for Networking with Other Women

When women come together for networking, we all get closer to reaching a heightened level of success. Back when I created 10X Ladies, my purpose was to connect ambitious women to accelerate each [...]

3 Easy Steps to Trigger a BREAKTHROUGH in Your Business

Triggering a big business breakthrough can be tough if you don’t know where to go — or what’s stopping you from getting there. Look, I get it. I see so many business owners stuck in pre-growth [...]

The Unreasonable FOLLOW-UP Formula to Skyrocket Sales

Do you feel like you suck at sales follow-up? Well, if so, you’re not alone. And there’s a good chance you’re being too reasonable about it all. Let me show you why. Check out these crazy [...]

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