We Are Go For Launch In 2021

Happy New Year!   That’s not just a wish. It’s a prediction! Why am I so confident that 2021 can be your best year ever? Because I’m going to make it happen with my LAUNCH 2021: A 10X [...]

Launch Into 2021

Start the countdown to launch into 2021! What do I mean by that?…   2020 is over and your real challenges are just beginning…   …so we created Launch 2021 a 10X Coaching [...]

This Mooch Is Fine With Me

I recently took to the mic and did an interview with Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci on the MOOCH FM podcast where I talked about some things that were challenging for me and what I did to [...]

Be The Hero Not The Bitch

Hey Grant coming at you from 30,000 feet as I fly back from California thinking about how important it is to be the hero and not the bitch. What’s got me thinking about this? Once again, I heard [...]

You May Feel Down But You’re Not Out

After everything that happened this year, you may feel down you’re not out…until you quit. I know this better than anyone because I’ve so far down I didn’t know which way was up. Whether [...]

How I Lost Everything By Making One Decision

“What was I thinking?”   That’s the question I asked myself almost every day for three months after accepting the challenge of being Discovery Channel’s next Undercover Billionaire. That’s [...]

Seven Essential Steps To Streamline Your Business

Whatever your goals are for next year, there are seven essential steps to streamlining your business that you can take right now. While everyone else is still stuck on the election results and [...]

The Year Ahead Will Be A Time To Move Forward

The year ahead will be a time to move forward. I don’t know when the next recession is going to happen, but I do know that it’s inevitable and when it hits it will make 2008 seem small in [...]

The Election Results Won’t Change Your Life, You Will

Yo! Grant here. Hope you’re doing well and I just wanted to remind you that the election results won’t change your life, you will!   We are 5 days away from an election and I’m wondering if [...]

4 Reasons Real Estate Is Better Than Stocks For Building Wealth

After 35 years of investing I have found the 4 reasons real estate is better than stocks for building wealth and I’ll show you why.   Investing in properties is a sure thing, investing in [...]

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