3 Tips to Keep Pushing for More in 2019

“Grant, you’re wearing me out.” I hear that often. Many people think they can’t keep up with my activity levels. They wonder how I can go from one appointment to the next without breaks. They [...]


Jumpstart Your New Year

How pumped are you to make 2019 the greatest year of your life? Personally, I’m ready to destroy 2019 with some of the biggest, most insane goals anybody has EVER set. But if you look around at [...]


Hungry People Push for More

Have you ever seen someone really hungry? If you put a pizza in front of a starving man, would he sell you that pizza for money? It depends on how hungry he is, right? At some point, the value of [...]


Lost Purpose? Here’s How to Get Back on Track

If you’ve never had a goal so big and juicy that you were unable to sleep at times because of it, you’ve never been fully on-purpose. Average people in society call on-purpose people crazy, [...]