Two Reasons Why Enough is Not Enough

I was in my studio shooting a show while interviewing a good friend of mine, Ed Mylett, who has done very well for himself financially. He, just like me, keeps pushing for more. During the [...]


When is Enough, Enough?

You are for sale. Let me clarify that—your will to win is for sale. There is an old saying, “Everyone has a price”, right? That price, for many, comes when they feel they have “made it.” It could [...]


Is Your Marriage in a Rut?

Elena and I have been happily married for almost 15 years, but relationships never come without a challenge. If you’re married, how would you rate your level of satisfaction with the relationship [...]


The One Piece of Advice That Will Change Your Life Forever

Your parents have probably told you a lot of things in your life that you need to do right? They told you to save… They told you to go to college… They told you to buy a house… But [...]


Have a Better Marriage Today

Would you consider your marriage a dream marriage? It’s something that we all want, right? Look, we all want to have the best relationship possible but the fact of the matter is that nobody is [...]