Improving Customer Service Skills To Combat Automation

I’m here to show you how to take your customer service skills and your customer service training to the next level. Average customer service permeates society at all levels—it’s rare to find [...]


How to Become a Millionaire

You’re here because you want to know how to become a millionaire, right? Good, because in this blog, my only goal is to show you how to become a millionaire. Too many young people are still [...]


Be Tough on Yourself.

The right thing is almost always the hardest thing to do.  We need to do the right thing and be hard on ourselves.  We need to look at ourselves, our situations, how we act and how we make [...]


Three Approaches to Business Planning and Why Only One Truly Works.

Running a business or department is tough work in today’s economy. There are a ton of strategies and tactics that need to be created, put in place and functioning well to make your business [...]


Culture is How Your Business Will Win

If you’ve ever been to my office or seen one of my morning meetings, you know that culture is important to my business. I always look for a way to monetize my ideas, and the culture of my [...]


Your Independence Day

Are you ready for freedom? Let’s face it, right or wrong, money buys freedom. The less money you have, the fewer options you have. The more money, the more options open up to you as far as [...]


Are You Criticized? You’re Successful

Receiving criticism is a surefire sign that you are well on your way. Criticism is not something that you want to avoid; rather, it’s what you must expect to come your way once you start hitting [...]