16 Years of GrantCardone.com and Why You Cannot Succeed Without Change


I recently did a major overhaul of my website and completely changed my online store. The result has been positive with the speed drastically increased, customers happier, and sales way up.

It got me thinking about how you must continually change, adapt, and refocus in life to stay ahead in the game. If you aren’t updating your business on a regular basis, then you will become stagnant. This is not just true for your website, it’s true for every area in life.

Those that never change become dinosaurs. The inability to adapt to changes in your environment will lead to extinction. We live in a different world today than we did 20 years ago. If I never updated my website, I would be a dinosaur today. Want proof?

My website in 2000:

The interesting thing is, at the time this was published, it seemed cutting edge. We had just survived the “Y2K” scare, it was still pre 9/11, and the world was just entering the digital age at the turn of the millennium. Very few people my age had a website back then. I was being innovative and testing new ways of reaching people besides door-to-door and the phone.

But my message and motivation hasn’t wavered since then:

Since I try and keep things fresh, I updated my site a few times. By 2005 it had evolved quite a bit.

My website in 2005:

You don’t change just for the sake of change, rather you change because you can always find ways to improve. Keep looking toward the future and constantly write your goals down. When you hit your target, make new and bigger goals. Having your eye focused on the future will help you continually adapt to changes in your industry.

My website in 2009:

How many people say, “I never want you to change!” to their significant other? Listen, change is a good thing. You don’t want you or anyone you know to never change. Embrace change. No one has one job forever. Nobody has one website forever.

My website in 2013:

My website in 2015:

My website in Today:

Look to an area in your life today that is outdated, then make some much-needed changes. No matter what your age, get current and refuse to be a dinosaur. Remember that if you aren’t expanding, you’re shrinking. The middle class is becoming fossilized in its own mediocrity.

Get obsessed with success.

Be great,


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  • Paul

    Thank you Grant. You are a huge inspiration! I was becoming complacent about my business and was satisfied with having just enough to get by. Reading the 10X rule and some of your Ebooks has made me realize how massive success and growth is my duty, obligation and responsibility. I am well-known in my area and doing okay, but now I am ready to completely dominate.

  • David Reiter

    This is good information at this time. I’m in the process of revising the website for my business, so this has me thinking.

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