10X Money Challenge Day One

Today is the 10X Money Challenge Day One! This challenge is designed to help ambitious people like you discover the strategies they need to 10X their income, 10X their business, and 10X their life!


The 10X Money Challenge is a seven-day coaching experience where the world’s top financial experts, entrepreneurs and business moguls come together to teach you about financial literacy so you can learn to control your financial fate and become financially free. 


This is NOT a course, boot camp or conference where you watch speakers and move on with your life without implementing what you learned. This Challenge will premiere live every day for the next seven days at 5 PM EST so you can implement what you learn right away and work on your own time! 

10X Money Challenge Day One

Our goal is to get you to level up, upgrade your mindset, and take action in every aspect of your life to create wealth and success. Every day, we’ll cover topics circling around money and how to apply it. It’s your job to take notes, be attentive, and SHOW UP.


The Challenge runs from September 27 – October 3.  For one hour every day during the challenge, each speaker will give lessons. This year, we’re joined by celebrity guests: Sharon Lechter, Stormy Wellington, Dr. Jordan Peterson, Kevin O’Leary, Chris Voss, and Magic Johnson.


Each of us will introduce you to new ideas, perspectives and give you the best financial advice you can’t find anywhere else. We’ll show what’s possible and what you can achieve in just seven days.


You’ll need MASSIVE GOALS and follow them with MASSIVE ACTION or else this won’t work. Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck and want to make an extra $10k/year or grow your business to $1million in profit, you’ll benefit from the 10X Money Challenge. If you are ambitious, determined, driven, hungry for more, and willing to make sacrifices, you’ll leave this challenge with more knowledge and leverage than you had going in.


During this challenge, you’ll be able to crush your business and personal goals – no matter how big they are. You are here because you want to go above and beyond – there’s no room for being average.


Hundreds of thousands of members from the 10X Nation have already signed up for the FREE challenge starting TODAY at 5 PM EST.


 This is your last chance to JOIN the 10X Money Challenge to experience wild breakthroughs, learn from the world’s top-earning icons and push yourself to the limit. This is the BIGGEST Financial Event in History and I want you to be there for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

10X Money Challenge Day One

Just give me an hour a day for 7 days and I will help you realize that YOU CAN SUCCEED in life, regardless of where you are today. There are 1,700 millionaires created in America alone every single day. The only thing stopping YOU from being one of them is your current mindset. 




Be great,


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