10 Holiday Gifts Money Can’t Buy

If you’re stuck on what to order on Amazon this week for the entrepreneur in your life who seems to have it all, I have some ideas. Sure, you could buy them another Black & Decker drill or a new set of golf clubs, but why not get creative this year and think outside the box for holiday gifts that have more sentimental meaning?


Here are ten gifts money can’t buy:

1. A book or course to improve their business and mindset

Above all, I’d go with an educational gift because the value in courses and books goes a longer way than anything else you might think about getting them. There’s more power in value than aesthetics.


2. Tickets to a sold-out event

How amazing would it be to get tickets to an event they’ve always wanted to go to? Experience gifts are one of the best choices because they create lasting memories. Heck, get ‘em tickets to one of our 10X events.


3. A hug from a loved one.

This is a no-brainer, and all of us need a hug now and then, and you can’t buy human connection. I love getting hugs from my daughters and wife.


4. A massage

This one is definitely one of my top favorites. With all the stress entrepreneurs deal with, we could all use a deep-tissue massage. The gift of relaxation is top-notch.


5. A thank-you card from a customer or client.

Receiving a note of thanks from a customer or client is one of the best feelings an entrepreneur can experience. It’s validation that all their hard work has paid off.


6. An invitation to a company party or outing with the team.

Who doesn’t love a fun party or outing with the people you spend every day working with?


7. Lunch with a prospect or referral source who can help them grow their business/career/client base, etc…

This one is probably one of the best things you can do for an entrepreneur. It has more value and thoughtfulness than anything else.


8. A quality night’s sleep.

Help them improve their sleep by upgrading the mattress they are sleeping on. All entrepreneurs need good sleep to function at their best, so an upgrade can make a huge difference!


9. A clean and organized desk.

When they’re not home, take some time to tidy up their office space, so they come home to a clean and organized work area.


10. Time with their family and friends.

Money can’t buy the beautiful memories you’ll create with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, the special people in your life will no doubt love their holiday gifts the most.


Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget the most important thing on this list: show your appreciation for everything they’ve done this year with an honest thank-you.


I’ve learned that the greatest gifts of all are the experiences you share with your loved ones, and we can’t wrap those.


Happy Holidays from the 10X team.



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